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How can women be empowered in cameroon and how can we ammeliorate the situation of the girl child in cameroon?Mostly those in the remote areas who suffer from inferiority,unable to go to school and still undergo genital mutulation?I think sensitisation campaigns and forums ,trainning workshops on the importance of education will help.For this is a situation that is pre-occupying.In some areas in cameroon many still believe the place of the woman is at home.We who ve experienced the importance…

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We are the future

Together we can change the youth development plateform in Cameroon.The 21century is a year for policy making and agenda setting on sustainable development.The signing of the African youth charter prioritizing youth development, the U.N programmes on youths and the availability of partners on devlopment has given us the advantage to reach out to the underprivileged,marginalized and stigmatized.We should use these organs to extend our lobbying ability to enhance youth development,serve the…

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