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This is to open-up diverse and vast discussions about the idea of the inauguration and launch of the African Youth Council as borne out of the International Youth Council. We urge all African members of IYC to kindly visit, logon to their facebook accounts and join a small group we have created as AFRICAN YOUTH COUNCIL.We are working hand in hand with the International Youth Council and will soon announce venue, dates and theme for the conference to formally launch and inaugurate the African…

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For anyone interested in working with the Global Issues Department of IYC USA,We are split into 5 teams, they are as follows:1) Peace, Security, International/ Oceanic Law, & Terrorism (Chairperson: Sara Thomas) 2) Children/Families, Women, Persons with Disabilities, & Human Rights (Chairperson: Jamira Burley) 3) Development, Environment/Agriculture, Governance & Democracy (Chairperson: Ndubuisi Idejiora-Kalu) 4) Health, Humanitarianism, Food/Water & Population (Chairperson: Amelia Shister) 5)…

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in Ghana, there are people living in remote areas who do not have access to basic health care. they do not get access due to so many reasons and die of certain curable or manageable disease conditions such as malaria.....we all are involved, lets join hands..................

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