The Youths and HIV/AIDS

UNIVERSITIES HIV/AIDS STRATEGY(UHAS) PROJECT THEME: “GETTING TOZERO” INTERNATIONAL YOUTHCOUNCIL MOUAU PROJECT-2 PROJECTOVERVIEWThe project This project is based on the need tobring together youths from aroundthe country more especially theuniversities, to raise awareness aboutHIV/AIDS and demonstrateinternational solidarity in the face of the pandemic. It is also an opportunityfor public and private partners tospread awareness about the status ofthe pandemic and encourageprogress in HIV/AIDS prevention,treatment and care in the universities around the world.At international youth council MOUAUchapter we understand that youngpeople play major roles in all efforttowards the achievement of the MDGssix (6) and the project “GETTING TO ZERO”: zero new HIV infections, zerostigmatization and discrimination, zeroAIDS related deaths. We arevigorouslypursuing this agenda with the resolvethat Nigerian youths should be at the forefront of these initiatives.OBJECTIVES. ·The overall objective isto build aglobal forum and platform on whichall young people in colleges anduniversities can develop a unified voice and take collective actiontowards the reduction of HIV/AIDSand other related diseases.· Prevent new HIV infections· Increase access to care andoptimize health outcomes. · Reduce HIV related healthdisparities.SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES ·Create a university widecampaign to increase publicawareness and prevention of HIV/AIDS. · Increase prevention effortsamong youths. · Routinize , increaseand improvetesting.· Increase harm reduction,increase and improve testing. · Increase harm reduction andtreatment adherence education ·Expand services to at riskpopulations· Provide culturally andlinguistically appropriate services in rural areas and universities.· Increase the number of HIV careproviders and HIV/AIDS educationand training. THE INTERNATIONALYOUTHCOUNCIL AT A GLANCE.In 2007, the international youth council (IYC) wasfounded at the 4th annual youthassembly at the UnitedNations. The IYC is a civil societyorganization dedicated in giving theyoung people across the world both collective voice and mechanism tosupport a global sustainabledevelopment.Principle activities of the IYC arefounded upon and driven by thefollowing principles: · Young people are the primarystake holders and as such must beactive agents in the decision makingand implementation process ofsustainable development.· Young people are not only leaders of tomorrow they are theleaders of today. · Young people arethe catalyst offundamental and trans-formativechanges across the world.· Young people are capable and inspirational leaders who may requiresupport and resources to develop andimplement a social mission.PROGRAMME BRIEF DETAILS Theprogram will be flagged off with auniversity wide campaign rally, involving the general public, for HIV/AIDS sensitization and awarenesscreation.The lecture will be held in MichaelOkpara University of agriculture,Umudike. The lecture will be held in English language. Scheduled tocommence on 1st December 2012,with Michael Okpara university ofAgriculture, Umudike, hosting the firstphase of the project.The lecture will highlight“THE HISTORY OF HIV/AIDS”.“HIV SYMPTOMS AND MODES OFTRANSMISSION”“HIV PREVENTION TECHNIQUES ANDTREATMENT”.“HIV/AIDS AND YOUTHS”.PROPOSED PARTNERORGANIZATIONS AND INDIVIDUALS.Ministry for healthNational Orientation AgencyMDGs State OfficeUSAIDUNAIDWHOYouth leadersNGOs and the Media

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