Cognisant of the vision of the global vision of the International Youth Council with regards to the inclusion of Youth voices in the global development agenda, the new administration for South Africa assumes its role with a great sense of purpose. South Africa is one of the pillars of the furthering of development in the African continent, and therefore the voice of our youth is most needed now more than ever before.

The championing of practical Sustainable Development Goals is within the mandate of the IYC, and therefore South Africa assumes the responsibility of bringing a renaissance of our country’s youth in their view of African development and where they fit in the puzzle thereof.

South Africa, having now entered its 21st year as a democratic and inclusive society, needs a vehicle for its youth to harness the opportunities ahead for the strengthening of the core values instilled by the fathers of our young nation. We believe that the IYC can be a vehicle of this order, and thus it is in our mandate to assemble and strengthen the necessary infrastructure for the passing on of a well able vehicle to the next administration.

It is with this that we extend a hand to all Youth Leaders, Development Practitioners and Government stakeholders to join hands with us in the building of a new society that is actively engaged in the future of South Africa. It takes all of us to make South Africa and Africa great.

We are the captains of change and the sun has never shined so bright on a day as it has on this day.  On This day, may entrepreneurs, professionals, activists and leaders of this generation unite in releasing the dawning of a new era free of apathy and full of possibilities.

We look forward to hearing from you

on behalf of the International Youth Council, South Africa

Patson Malisa

Chairman for South Africa

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