1. Youth and their role in achieving community development

Everyone knows that the youth category is the most active and influential and creative category and also distinguish the most capable of achievement and enjoy the elements of scientific, cultural, artistic and many others.
Therefore, we must activate the role of youth in their communities and work with us to achieve positive change within the Yemeni society and work with us to reduce the suffering and tragedy experienced by the Yemeni society in these tragic circumstances that the country is going through, a war that has been going on for more than four years. Everything burned green and dry
There are many important issues that we must present to all of you to find appropriate solutions in cooperation, coordination and partnership with everyone locally and internationally
Yemeni society is subjected to many violations against its children and its land and homeland

We urgently need to find a peace project that restores community cohesion in a more comprehensive and interdependent concept, and working to eliminate sectarianism, racism and regionalism, which has become increasingly widespread and has become a threat to the entity of the Yemeni people.

Poverty, epidemics, diseases, famine, the absence of the state and the proliferation of armed and terrorist militias
We are facing a real tragedy in every sense of the word

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