You have populated the World Wide Web, all news networks and the social media because you are a Prince. You have surpassed the score of your adversaries minutes after you bade farewell to this mortal sphere. The poor and workers worldwide shall miss you. You stood for progressive populism. You stood against the vitriol and diatribes of neo-colonialist and imperial forces. You fought your opposition with matchless charisma. Your people knew how sick you were unlike what obtains in this clime. Your people stood with you through thick and thin because no one lied to them about the true state of your health. Your people did not call your medical sojourn in Cuba an official leave, they stood by you in their prayers little wonder you scorned cancer for two years. May your zeal, zest and zealotry not wane in death. May the revolution you spearheaded not fade. May the poor and the workers in Venezuela continue to enjoy the proceeds of their toil and the prize of their resilience. May the government of the people, for the people and by the people never perish from the earth. Adieu Hugo. Gone too soon.

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