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Humanism despises the belief in the divine and almighty God yet it provides and stresses on the essential goodness of Humans and their capability to make the world a better place for living. Today, among politics and many other corrupt tribulations, religious disunity has been one of the topmost fires that is burning the liberalism and enlightened qualities of mankind at a very high velocity. 


Often it happens, as one experiences, including myself while we are dealing among with the people of different faiths, whether in minority or majority, there always seems to be a lack of understanding among each and everyone and fixed ideology that a non-believer should be in all of the ways, suppressed if one gets the opportunity. Why? Religions all over the world teaches peace, tolerance and equality for all then we as practitioners aren't lacking in something, understanding the main motives of all our respected beliefs? 


History is witness to it that the masses have always relied on someone to let them cross the bridge. Meaning in other words that without a leader to lead, masses can act quite similar to animals preying on each other. It is not always a confirmed thing that a leader or politician who leads must be an honest person, but we have the texts and teachings of the founders and great peoples in the world gone before us. Should we really get along with each other in peace and tolerance and in a way that is most suitable, despising the corrupt politics and politicians and tactician's, we can make and preserve the mother Earth. Do we all agree that we will start first from ourselves? It is the question still remains to be answered and only a persons internal dignity can answer it. Thank you!


You can see this little video which tells what are the benefits we have for religious tolerance or, appropriately said, religious humanism.

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