Achieving the 8 MDG's is a colossal task that requires a committed and collective effort to solve. At times I feel overwhelmed thinking about how to maximize my contributions and how to come up with ideas that are realistic, scalable, sustainable, and applicable in regions that span the globe. 

With this said, I also recognize that even minute adjustments in my behavior and lifestyle, can add up to a substantial stride towards improving our world situation at large. (YES!, I am that optimistic!!) :)

Simple tweaks in the way I've done things over the years has had to have made SOOooomme impact, or at least not contributed to the problem.

Things like-turning the water off when you brush your teeth and turning it back on when you need to rinse, are more popular tips that you may have heard...
-making sure you FULLY fill a dishwasher (if you have one) before hitting the wash cycle can also save a ton of water if you are mindful of this throughout the year... (Less wash cycles)

All too many times I have observed friends throw in a couple of t-shirts and socks into a washer just because they have the luxury of having a washer and dryer at home. - For the sake of not having laundry accumulate, they wash at will instead of thinking about how wasteful this excessive washing may be.

Habits like this make me cringe, and illuminate just how unaware or indifferent people are about the decisions they make, and how impactful they can be.

...Now, I've just mentioned a few ideas on how to save water, but I would be interested in knowing what everyone else considers to be a smart tip or habit for all of us to keep in mind as we go through our days.  (Do we really need to use 5 napkins to clean up a little spill of coffee on the table?? Will one do the job?) :) 

Can you come up with 8 ideas to address each goal? ... or how about just your smartest and favorite tip?

Looking forward to your responses! 

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