Be the change you wish to see in this world--- WE are the change that we seek.
IYC PROJECTS 2008-- Wait till you see what we've done in 2009!• GLACCIER - IYC is working on the GLACCIER Campaign (Global Legal Action for Climate Change for International Environmental Responsibility). The GLACCIER is a petition movement by the youth of the world to address the ongoing impact of climate change. We are building a great global case analysis working closely with top enviromental lawyers from around the world. Our goal is to mobilize the youth to change their lifestyles and petition the governments to bring about the necessary policy actions that will make this possible.• CSD-17 - IYC members participated in the CSD-17: The Commission on Sustainment Development: Implementation Policy Session. We presented the GLACCIER Campaign, including the research of members across five UN member states who documented the effects of environmental degradation from climate change.• GLOBAL SUMMIT - IYC became the co-founders of The Global Summit. The Global Summit is dedicated to empowering those most affected by critical issues in creating solutions. Youth are the primary stakeholder for a sustainable future. Our leadership in shaping The Global Summit’s guiding principles for each partner sector, general policies, and program strategy in our founding event was essential to the integrity of its purpose. Each voice of the youth represented by the IYC brought The Global Summit closer to the long-term fulfillment of its program mission.• YOUTH PARLIAMENT OF THE GAMBIA - We acted in a consulting role with The National Youth Parliament of the Gambia while they planned a “youth empowerment” training program on democracy and effective leadership. We assisted a member in Uganda in writing a high-level grant proposal for an NGO Resource Center in his town.• THREE DOT DASH - The IYC is a coalition partner with the “We are Family Foundation’s” Three Dot Dash Conference. Three Dot Dash is a global initiative designed to recognize and support the efforts of “Global Teen Leaders” around the world who are actively working on projects that promote a more peaceful society by addressing issues related to basic human needs: food, water, health, shelter, safety, education and the environment. The IYC has been actively recruiting mentors, global teen leaders, and volunteers for 2010 Three Dot Dash Conference.• GLOBAL CONFERENCES - IYC members have been invited to participate at the 2009 World Bank Youth Conference, in Washington D.C., The 2009 Social Entrepreneur Conference in Canada, The 2008 MDG Global Summit in New Delhi, India, the World Youth Urban Forum in Shanghi, China, the G8 Student Partnership for Development Conference in the London, England and many other similar opportunities.

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