International Youth Day

As we mark this years' International Youth Day, I join The United Nation Secretary General to urge Member States toconsider youth migration. Working with and for youngpeople is one of my top priorities. On this InternationalYouth Day, I encourage Member States, youth-ledorganizations and other stakeholders to act to promotethe rights of all young migrants and maximize thedevelopment potential of youth migration. In his Address to mark this years' Youth Day"It is noted that out of 214 Million International Migrants that young people constitute over 10%. yet too little is known about their struggles and experiences. The reasons young people migrate are many. Some are fleeing persecution, others are escaping economic hardship. Some are alone, others part of a family – with parents, siblings and even children of their own. Somehave communities to go to, others must make new connections. In transit and at their final destinations, many young migrants face equal or greater struggles, including racism, xenophobia, discrimination and human rights violations. Young women, in particular, face the risk of sexual exploitation and abuse. Poverty, crowded and unsanitary living conditions andthe challenges of finding decent employment are regular features of the migrant experience. These challenges are exacerbated by the current global economic and financial crisis. Migrants are also often accused by communities and politicians of taking jobs from local people, exposing them to further risk of discrimination. In other cases, young people left behind by migrating parents face psychological and socialchallenges and greater vulnerability.We therefore Join United Nation and International Youth bodies to urge Government of Nigeria to look into the issue of the Migration of the Youth people. They should provide Employment for over 40million un-employed graduated and other skilled youths. Encourage entrepreneurialship through youth empowerment especially in the area of Skill acquisition. We therefore on the Federal Government of Nigeria to set Skill Acquisition centres in all the 774 local Governments of the federation to help mitigate the high number of youths roaming the streets thus reducing the level of Crime and social vices among the youths. We call for more funding of the Education sector. increasing the capacity of our tertiary institution to be able to admit more prospective students. Providing enabling environment for youths who might to reduce high level of Migration. Youths are major stakeholder in the society so should form part of the policy/decision making.Happy International Youth Day.Comrade Okoye Robinson

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