IYC China temporary chapter

Dear IYC Chapters committee,

I am writing to request chapters for both The People's Republic of China and my high school, the Affiliated High School of Guangzhou University. The fact that China, as one of the UN's major powers, does not yet have a chapter concerns me. We are a great world power with a voice that demands to be heard. Chinese youths have ideas that deserve to be brought onto the world stage. The IYC is short on Chinese membership, but I am currently making steps to change that. I have recruited and organized a committee within my school to discuss current events and global issues. We aim to encourage Chinese participation in the IYC and hope to contribute to its development. In order to maximize our potential contribution, we need a chapter in the IYC to organize our discussions. I am aware that chapter requests are currently on hold, but please respond as soon as possible.
Thank you for your time
With all due respect,
Fang Yuan
of the Affiliated High School of Guangzhou University
IYC China

The above is the email I have written to IYC chapters committee. This discussion will be IYC China's temporary chapter. I cannot officially call myself chairperson of IYC China as Chinese youths have been amazingly very active in attending UNYA annual meetings, but I will call myself chairperson of my school's subchapter. As I am not aware of any other person taking leadership of China's chapter in the IYC, I will be "chairperson" until the real chairperson comes forward. It is not my position to take. I welcome any person with a Chinese passport to join us. Recruitment is currently in progress for those from my school. If you are part of the Affiliated High School of Guangzhou University(Guangfu), please say so. If you are not, please also say so and tell me which province and city you are from. Leave your name (English and Chinese) and contact information for the sake of communication. If you are not comfortable leaving your contact information online, please contact me directly. Let us hope that our actions can help expand the IYC in China and call attention around the world.

My Wechat: artemisbunny

Email: 1317464546@qq.com
My English name, by the way, for the sake of convenience, is Artemis. Artemis Fang.

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