IYC USA Wall of Hands initiative

The Wall of Hands initiative is the largest international call to action the world has ever seen. On January 18, 2014, giant mosaics will be launching all around the world. Each mosaic will spell out messages that will serve to draw attention to issues surrounding youth and the Millennium Development Goals. The walls will be made up out of pictures of hands submitted by young people like YOU! 

If there's not a wall in your area, but you still have something to say, we've got you covered. On January 1, you'll be able to start uploading photos to our online Wall of Hands. The online wall will be interactive and anyone can upload photos from January 1 up until the international wall launch. We're partnering with several great organizations and will even be featuring a Virtual Launch (on the 18th) with the GenYNot Team. We have walls going up in places like Brazil, India, etc. We want as many young people involved as possible. Our vision is to have young people all around the world coming together and raising their voices on the same day. 

Want to know how you can put up a Wall of Hands in your area? Check out http://iycusa.org/wall-of-hands.html. We'll be posting resources and information there all the way up until the wall launch. There are walls going up on campgrounds, school campuses, parks, etc. This is YOUR movement. If you have any questions/comments/ideas please feel free to reach out to wallofhands@iycusa.org. 

The Wall of Hands initiative hopes to inspire young people to take action in their communities and educate others on the MDGs. We'll be releasing resources and tools from now all the way up until the Wall launch! 

You can also join the conversation and share your ideas with other young leaders using #IYCWall. 

We're so excited for this and hope you choose to get involved!

Rebekah Bolser

IYC USA Chairperson

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