The Third UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (3WCDRR) is an opportunity for children and youth to influence decision makers, display their unique abilities, make commitments, co-educate and plan actions to reduce the risks our communities face to disasters. The Report from 2013 Global Consultations on the Post-2015 Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction highlighted clearly under key Findings, the potential role and contribution of children and youth in leading and becoming drivers of change. The Fourth Session of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (May 2013, Geneva) also recognized children and youth as a priority, especially in planning for the next global framework on disasters and called for a “youth and children’s forum” to be held at the 3WCDRR, 14-18 March 2015, Sendai, Japan. 
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The Children and Youth Forum Concept note outlines that Children and Youth events in Sendai will provide inclusive platforms for young people to: 
Share views, ideas and experiences in reducing disaster risk and in building community resilience;
Discuss their aspirations, expectations and needs, as well as, the contribution and added value they bring to disaster risk reduction decision-making; 
Capture innovative ideas and recommendations for disaster resilience and opportunities to pitch to the leaders of today and corporate partners for support and partnership-building; and
Collaborate on the development of basic guidelines and risk reduction indicators to better inform policy and monitor progress towards disaster resilience for all.

Targeted outcomes:
• Children and youth perspectives on disaster risk reduction contribute to and inform the inter-governmental and multi-stakeholder discussions and events at the Third UN World Conference for Disaster Risk Reduction, Sendai Japan, March 2015;
• Children and youth share experiences, best practices and innovations emerging from the regions of the world around disasters, resilience and self-organized action;
• Young people are equipped with the skills to engage in and lead change on disaster risk reduction;
• A joint Sendai Children and Youth Declaration of commitments and priorities is produced to guide implementation of the post-2015 framework for disaster risk reduction; and
• Development of action plans by children and youth focused on leading change on Disaster Risk Reduction with community-level support via a grants-based scheme

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