the facing problom of youth

withe respect i thankful to the council admonestration  selected me for council membership all my brothers and org fellows evry body will know about facing probloms to youth in all over the world first of all allmost youth  facing financially crises therefor thay are not get some about there choices and not get there targets easy for this purposed we need microfinancridit programm for youth some counties facing  skilled probloms spacially in pakistan  youth facing diffrance cises like education health and also skill all most youth  in tention  for there jobs thay have not find there meriat in country wide the illegal involmnt of political force we need a really changing for this purpose we need schools of thoughts must we take first suport from united nation and open offices in all over the world to created oppertunities for youth and we need called to all youth on one plat form under one flag 

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