The strategy preparation process coincided with a growing number of regional and country initiatives on youth emerging in UNDP Country Offices, Regional Service Centres and Headquarters; an increased involvement with youth networks and youth based civil society organizations; and a greater solicitation by partners for UNDP’s increased engagement in youth programming and policy development. Inspired and informed by the UNDP Strategy of Response to Transformative Change Championed by Youth in the Arab Region, Youth 21 March 2012, Nairobi, extensive consultations within the internal and external community of youth and development practitioners, and the approved Strategic Plan 2014-2017, the UNDP Youth Strategy is now expected to be approved by the end of the first quarter of 2014.The UNDP Youth Strategy offers key entry points for systematic and coordinated! action to support youth within an increasingly complex development context for their social, economic and political development. The Strategy is established on the basis of three principle outcome areas:Outcome 1: Strengthened sustainable development pathways through enhanced economic empowerment of youth;  Outcome 2: Youth civic engagement and participation in politics and public institutions strengthened;Outcome  3: Resilience-building strengthened.  The strategy includes a four-pronged approach towards achieving these outcomes. With this approach –support, engage, influence, and sustain- toward achieving the youth strategy outcomes, and guided by core principles including participation and a human rights based approach, the UNDP Youth Strategy aims to strengthen youth development as an end in itself, as well as engage with and invest in youth for development.

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