Title of Solution-


The provision of water for Freetown city

Description of solution – (Technical – Financial and others)


Brief description of the solution- this provision of water solution with target Freetown, the capital city of Sierra Leone, The pipe- borne water that is provided by the state is far from adequate for the needs of the city dwellers. There is lot water sources that are largely made use of.


Good water sources like rain unspoiled and unpolluted streams and brooks and underground water would provide more than enough water if utilized meaningfully. An underground water project that has already been embarked on caters for the water needs of a nearby slum area three other densely populated communities.


Rain harvesting is one solution our organization will want to undertake to solve the water problem in Freetown Sierra Leone experiences six month of heavy rains every year. Nearly all of this rain water is wasted. If only this rain water is harvested by storing it in long reservoirs, dams and huge tanks, nearly all of water problems that city dwellers face will be met.


Streams, brooks and underground water sources will provide water all year round. Tapping these water sources by the use of pipes and storage facilities will augment water provision.


This water solution we think will cater for the water needs of the entire city. Once implemented, this water solution will serve as a shining example for its implementation nationwide.


Our organization has already embarked on some small scale water projects. This large scale water solution project does not only needs funding but it also needs technical assistance. The organization is looking for help from any source to help implement this water solution project.

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