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United Nations SDG Advocate and country representative of UN's International Youth Council, Nigeria chapter.

It's no longer news that the recent outbreak of CORONAVIRUS has been very devastating and disheartening.

My heart bleeds unstoppably when I hear and watch in the news the escalating number of people infected with this disease and the skyrocketing death tolls.

But here's my quick advice to the youths around the globe.

This is not the time to feed our fears but to uphold our FAITH.

The faith that mankind has never been defeated before and this is not the time for it to happen. We are undefeatable, indomitable and unstoppable.

Humanity will always win!

This is not the time to starting laying blames or calling names


BUT it's time for solidarity against this dangerous enemy of humanity called CORONAVIRUS.

This is the time to support the government of your country to stem this pandemic.

Obey all rules given by your government agencies as regards staying safe, staying clean and social distancing.

In my country Nigeria, the government is working tirelessly with agencies like the National Center for Disease Control(NCDC) and other health centers to stem this pestilence. Other well meaning individuals and corporate organization are also contributing their quotas.

The United Nations and its agencies are not slumbering on this issue. The world health organization and other intergovernmental organizations are doing so much that deserved to be applauded.

As youths, our roles are ;

1- as we stay safe and clean;
protect the young children.
They don't understand what's coronavirus as we do.

Care for the older ones amongst us as well.

2- support your government and be of good service to humanity.

3- Be accurately informed about coronavirus and avoid spreading propagandas on social media.

4 - Also note that social distancing is the new world culture. Adopt it very quickly.

#StaySafe #StayClean & #SupportYourGovernment.

Thank you!

God bless you
God bless Nigeria
God bless Africa and
God bless the United Nations.

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