Comrades, laziness is an insult to energetic youths. The invention of computer has change tides in reasoning and in development. What are we waiting; funding from donors? when we can do better to determine our futures and help the underprivileged, OVC, The old and the poor. Team work will consequently eliminate hunger. I am the CEO of Rural Development Foundation( we are able to finance all our projects without funds from donors. But through hard work we are able to raise thousands of dollars monthlyCLICK HERE TO GET MORE DETAILS.

As a youth there is nothing that you cannot do if you determine, and the solution is hard working. Reduce your sleeping hours and give your self, self employment and earn hundreds of dollars weekly and thousands monthly . Check It Out Here and do more better than our NGO; you can. Millions of companies are waiting for the youths to seat down in their houses and employ themselves to earn money and facilitates the selling of company products legally. Where are you? What are you Waiting? You Still have about 1.8billion companies and one cannot be selfish without informing others to earn their living and help their communities.


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