About us


The International Youth Council (IYC) is a not-for-profit, Civil Society Organization founded at the UN Youth Assembly in 2007 dedicated to giving young people across the world a collective voice and a mechanism to support global sustainable development.

The IYC creates leadership opportunities which will include providing leadership at a national levelto implement projects based on SDGs, access to international conferences, policy discussions, events, and positions of influence at the UN and other development-oriented agencies and non-profits. The objective of these opportunities is to empower youth leaders and help propel youth voices into the global dialogue.


To build a global forum and platform on which all young people can develop a unified voice and take collective action toward social, economic, and environmental progress.


To provide educational resources, leadership opportunities, and a global network to support young people in developing entrepreneurial projects and campaigns to address global issues and support sustainable development on a local, regional, and international level.

The IYC provides leadership training with an entrepreneurial spirit. The sharing of best practices, workshops, and training programs which deliver management skills will create and enable a new generation of capable organizational leaders. The International Youth Council facilitates intercultural dialogue and networking between youth leaders. The building of relationships and sharing of experiences will encourage learning, mutual respect, and peaceful coexistence.



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