"Bangladesh" what is our future ?

The People of Bangladesh have witnessed two(10th national and city corporation election) most glorious and shameful (not election ) selection of Ruling party’s victory celebration.

 Our Prime Minister has proved herself as the best corruptor of Bangladesh.  By the name of constitution she and her party made themselves invincible. Our police force is not working for people , they only work to save our government. Our police force is protecting the government at any cost and they are getting huge amount from government.

Where our country stands between no 01st and 02nd position in the field of Corruption and bribery, How you can expect a fair election running by the ruling party ?  Each fiscal year   05 Billion USD goes out from our Budget. These are we, The People of Bangladesh suffering the consequences for not having a transparent Government. Only a few (Handful) individuals are getting richer day by day. This government is well concerned about dealing burocracy . This is the failure of our system and lacking of knowledge about democracy. Because 65% of our population is illiterate.

During the last caretaker government, our current prime minister has convinced the head of armed force General Moin U Ahmed and Head of caretaker government Mr.Fokduddin Ahmed. They agreed with each other that if the Awami League (current ruling party) get the majority on national election, they will not make any case against any one related with care taker government . Awami League pays 250 Million USD to that times Head of Armed Force Mr. M U Ahmed. Now he is living in United States with luxurious life style.

What is the definition of Democracy ? Many people defines it in many words. But the foundation of democracy are Freedom of speech, free movement and right to vote. But in Bangladesh all of these right are taken away by the ruling government. “Government” is a kind of investment because we elect them to take care of our country , our economy and our future. But where are we today ? There are no transparency in any field. Our people don’t know how much money coming from our donor friends, how much they are spending for country’s development ? On the name of constitution they are changing it for their own profit. It is compulsory to pass a bill on the parliament in presence of opposition party. In democracy having opposition is compulsory . But this government kick out all the opposition from our parliament. The opposition now we have is their alliance. When you don’t have a real opponent in parliament, they can do whatever they like and the same thing is happening in Bangladesh.

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