Benefits of online volunteering

For individuals, there are many appeals to online volunteering. You learn about other countries, and learn about issues faced by the developing world. You can exercise skills you are learning in school or for your workplace. Online volunteering allows you to take on roles and responsibilities your professional work may not provide. It may allow an expatriate to reconnect with and provide help to his or her homeland. As online volunteer you can provide service at whatever time of day is convenient, without having to change clothes, drive a car or ride a bus somewhere, look for a parking place or find a place to stay for the evening. Online volunteering offers you a really convenient way to make a difference.For organizations, online volunteers have skills and expertise that these organizations may not have, or that they need to supplement the work of onsite volunteers. Online volunteers help organizations stretch their onsite resources even further and to serve more clients. These volunteers may have sophisticated hardware or software an organization serving a developing country lacks.Online volunteering allows for the participation of people who find onsite volunteering difficult or impossible because of a disability, home obligation, transportation difficulties or work schedule; this in turn allows agencies to benefit from the additional talent and resources of more volunteers. Online volunteers don't require physical accommodations, and don't generate car exhausts or other pollutants as a result of their service!Online volunteering is not meant as a replacement for face-to-face volunteering, and most individuals and organizations don't choose it over onsite service. Online volunteering also is not meant to take away paid positions at an organization. Online volunteering is meant to help build the capacity of staff at an organization, as well as those that the organization serves. Online volunteering is just another way for people from various walks of life, all over the world, to connect with each other and be part of the Global Village. 

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