Bringing Awareness to High School Students Campaign

A lot of High School Students are apathetic about many prominent global issues happening today. 

Because of school and friends and drama, many believe they are too busy to deal with the world's problems as well.

However, without the youth, it's hard to make a change in this world and we need our fellow students to rally behind us and begin getting involved in what's happening.

I have already started this campaign at my own school and formed a group of eager students (known as Res Publica Colloquy) also willing to share their passion for global affairs with their peers. 

We formed a blog and facebook page in which we weekly discuss important affairs around the world such as terrorism in Paris, Beirut, and the Syrian refugee crisis. We also invite other students to comment on our discussions and give their own opinions. It's brought a lot of light to many of the kids at our school.

Challenge your friends to take some time off everyday to watch the news or at least know the basics of what's going on! 

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