Child Abuse in Africa.

In most remote African communities about 20% of children are victim of abuses and violence at school, at home or in the community. Suffering from the emotional and physical consequences of violence, many children do not perform well at school as a result they drop out.
In my country Cameroon sexual abuse of children both girls and boys is far more rampant than previously thought. This is common among teachers, among parents and among religious people.
It is also noticed that in Africa, Parents, guardians and even victims themselves often don’t speak out, in an effort to avoid stigma and disgrace.
Dear youths we should not allow this phenomenon to swallow up our society that will lead to long-term consequences and devastating effect on health and social development of the victims. If we don’t face these challenges our continent may experience a drastic moral drop and a high rate of traumatized and frustrated children who will not live up to their dreams.
I suggest we use our reputed network to promote and facilitate awareness, detection and reporting of child abuses to appropriate quarter for solutions, like ministries directly concern, social Medias, tracks, and local radio stations in vernacular languages and other languages to reach out to the masses.

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