Don't Blame Muslims for Paris

     Muslims in Europe consistently appear to be targets of discrimination and racism throughout Western Civilization. The horrific attacks on Paris this past Friday certainly did not improve their situation.

         The lasting effects of these attacks will lead to an even further oppression of the Muslim community, which is already made evident by the new Polish foreign minister’s recent suggestion to make Syrian refugees fight ISIL themselves. The United States seems to be split on whether they should bar Syrian refugees from entering the country or not. The most upsetting part of this is that we do not yet know if a Syrian refugee was even involved in the Paris attacks. Why are we punishing them for something they were/are victims of?

      In my own country, the United States, immediate backlash followed the attacks. According to, on the 16th of November, “ a handful of protestors, bearing loudspeakers and wearing sandwich boards emblazoned with phrases like ‘Jesus Saves From Hell,’ shouted obscenities as Muslims made their way into the building. “ It should be noted that there were several counter-protestors present as well. Sadly, despite a video made by French Muslims condemning the attack, this kind of backlash will continue.

      Muslims have stressed time and time again that the interpretation of the Quran that extremist terrorist groups, such as Al Qaeda and ISIL, have taken are completely against the basic principles of Islam. I’m not claiming to be an expert on Islam, I’m a Roman-Catholic after all. However, I think theologist Rezla Aslan put it best stating, “Religion doesn’t make people bigots. People are bigots and they use religion to justify their ideology.”

     The simple truth is that neither ISIL nor Al Qaeda is a true representation of the Muslim majority worldwide. They are extremists using the Quran to justify their actions. I encourage members of this community and the worldwide community to recognize this and stand up for our fellow human beings. Let Syrian refugees into you countries! Support Muslims instead of tearing them down! They deserve none of the mistreatment they are bound to receive and are already receiving due to a series of attacks that were out of their control.

French Muslims condemn terrorist in video:



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