Personality Development Workshop – 2013 !

In an ever changing and rapidly globalizing world the first phase of a Personality Development Workshop for the Nepalese youth to highlight the importance of global citizenship, encourage the development an optimistic attitude towards self and society, and propagate a feeling of respect and positive curiosity towards the unfamiliar or misunderstood aspects of our society in an ever diversifying global context. The youth form a staggering forty percent of the Nepalese population. Decade long civil war and the recent political turmoil have caused a considerable increase in negativity among the youth. This negativity has manifested itself as frustration towards the social order, brain drain and migration of the labor force, and sometimes even depression and various addictions. This Personality Development Workshop aims to be the first step towards eradicating the aforementioned negativity, and producing mentors who are not only capable of constructively critiquing their society and implementing pragmatic and tangible steps towards producing a healthy and aware work force, but also well adapted and progressive global citizens.
The purpose of this workshop is not to be an instructive lecture that emphasizes the elimination of the negativity. This workshop aims to make the participants aware of the urgency and necessity of the aforementioned eradication. Similarly, participants will be allowed to brainstorm steps to achieve the aforementioned eradication. Furthermore, this workshop intends to instill the idea that change is a process and not just an outcome. Moreover, participants will be encouraged to channel their frustrations, if any, into constructive actions that promote positive personal and societal growth. Consequently, this workshop’s ultimate objective is to allow the participants to come up with realistic and concrete steps they can take to become mentors that inspire other generations, ensuring a snowball effect of change among the youth. Lastly, this workshop will provide the participants with means to effectively market their experiences.

pd workshop

Speaker of the Program
1. Mr. Ranjit Acharya               – Youth Motivation & Empowerment
2. Mr. Anil Shah                       – Leadership & Pursuit of Happiness
3. Mr. Ananda Bagaria             – About Personality Development
4. Mr. Anil Chitrakar                – Youth & Motivational Speaker
5. Mr. Dr. Gopi Lal Neupane   – Youth Psychology and its impact.
6. Mr. Gokarna Aryal                – Media
7. Ms. Preska Udas                  – Personality Development
8. Mr. Krishna Pandey             – IT scope in Nepal
9. Mr. Franswa                         – Success Stories
10. Mr. Dipendra Chamlagain  – Team Sprit (Team Building)
11. Mr. Michel                         – Personality
12. Mr. Akash Patel                  – International Youth Motivational Speaker
13. Mr, Santosh Bidari             – About Program and Organizer
14. Mr. Saroj Baniya                – About Program and Organizer
15. Mr. Amit Kumar Lamichhane – IT & its Scope of Youth

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