I hope that you all are doing good but things are not good with kids and our organisation for the last two years. We had been talking to build the school for our children but we had been failing to do so, nor we had been able to raise the required funds to build the school. In these two years kids school, education had suffered a lot and staying under the flyover has also become a huge challenge. 

I had decided that till the time we are not able to build our "Self Sustainable Community Living Project" till then we should come up with some alternative solution to our problem. The school infrastructure which i was planning to buy that i had convinced the builder to give on rent where we have to 35 lakhs as deposit and 3 lakhs as rent. I had just started a campaign to raise the funds for this project specifically. How you all had believed in me and in my dreams for my children, last time also please do support me because if i wasn't able to do this than i had promised myself and also to my children that will #quit doing all this because making promises and then not able to fulfil it is dishearting for me and even for my children. This is the last opportunity for me to do something for my children. 

I request you all who had been the part of this journey and supported me till today in any form, please support me with whatever #xyz amount but please do support me! I hope you all won't let die the hopes and dreams of my children! We had come a long way and we didn't want to take "U" or step back!

So #please #please #please #support #Us!!! 

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