India's first Mars mission. Space programs are indeed a thing of pride for the 21st century. But there are strategic questions, chief among these is, what type of Space Programs? For Developing countries, Space Programs should reflect developmental needs, ie. if governments intend spending on space missions, which are usually expensive, let it be space missions that will have positive return effects to developmental needs, enabling space act as a complementing tool for developmental plans. Space missions that allow effective communications should be a priority, comunications to support e-commerce, mobile telephony, e-health or mobile health, e-education, Agriculture, security and Defence. With India's slowing down economy, with 1 in 5 people still living under the poverty line, still unstable economy, spending US $ 73 Million for a Mars Space mission, at a time when growth in the Indian econmy is slowing down, for a Space Mission to Mars, from a professional point of view, is not a priority.

~Engineer Ndubuisi Idejiora-Kalu Chairs the Working Group on Development, Environment, Agriculture, Democracy & Governance of the IYC Global Issues Department, IYC Policy Unit.

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