FEEDBACK ON LAST YEAR'S YA-IYC WORKSHOP. IT WAS A SUCCESS!!FACEBOOK GROUP: World Youth Leaders,The "YA UN and YOU" Workshop at the UN last month was a success! To inspire one is more than enough, but to inspire a battalion of Young Global Leaders, is overwhleming.Thank you all for all your support and keep on rocking doing what you do to help save the world and pursue the MDG's. THIS WORLD NEEDS YOU. Together, we are so powerful. Know that the possibilities are endless, we can accomplish anything.With Love,Esperanza GarciaPhilippinesDear Angela and Esperanza:I would like to thank you and the team who made possible that your workshop.In my opinion the three day at Youth Asssembly was a great experience that inspired me and made me think about all the things WE need to do to make a positive impact in the world and make the difference from every person that's in it.On the other hand, your workshop was a success the way you made it happen! With your workshop, not only, I managed to find a way to make possible the ideas I had in my mind but also to share them with people that has the same interests as I do, and that is AWESOME!! Together we can make THE difference!Thank you very much and good luck on your future projects!Best Regards,Pia EspinelLima, PeruYes, the workshop just sets the stage for continued collaboration. Already you are taking your rightful place working alongside those who are only chronologically older than you are, but this is not about youth/older persons, it is about our uniques gifts at this moment in time. What I strongly urge all of you to do is to follow carefully the meeting of the UN Security Council that President Obama will chair at the time of the Comprehensive Test Ban meeting on Sept. 24-25. Indeed this is will be a unique day in history, as the President has also invited the heads of state of all the other SC members, which means the entire P5 could be there. If your organization is accredited to the UN, then check the Reaching Critical Will website and apply. continue the momentum.Richard JordanNY, USAHey Esperanza & AngelaYOu guys did an incredible job. As Pia said the Youth Assembly was am amazing experiance, but your workshoop really tied things together in my opinion. It was great to come in contact with people that had the same ideas, and goals as you did. I am more motivted then ever to keep working, and i have people that I can contact, even if I just have a question. Now I know for a fact that if we work together we can make a difference. I also look foward to working with you guys.Take care! I wish you guys the best of luck in all the things that lie ahead..Best Wishes!! :)Oshin CastilloFairleigh Dickinson University, New Jersey, U.S.Esperanza,I was inspired by your courage in sharing deeply about your personal situation and yet still trying your best to positively impact the lives of others. I hope you are able to achieve all your dreams and then some.My current long term goals lie in the area of making energy better for the environment and available to the developing world. Lets work together for a better world for all of our children to come!Sincerely,Blake PolandMaryland, USAIt was indeed,the most fulfilling experience!Vincent RapandoEsperanza,Thank you for your words of inspiration and encouragement. You're right - as youth, we have the potential to change the world; not only tomorrow, but today.This was my first time at the UN Youth Assembly and it moved me in ways I never expected. It wasn't only wonderful to be blessed by the presence and words of people like Dr. Gandhi and Hou Bin, but it was even more meaningful to meet incredible youth doing incredible things (yourself included, ofcourse)!I was inspired by last week's meeting to start a project that profiles young leaders and drills down to the core of why they do what they do. My goal for this is to ignite a wave of dormant social change agents to do what they can and do it now!Best,Justin PangToronto, ONHey Angela & Esperanza,Both you rocked and did an astonishingly unbelievable job in conducting your workshop at the UN Youth Assembly. The liveliness and the energy out there was remarkable.The three days at the Assembly had made me realize my potential and the potential of youth across the globe. How there are so many misconceptions about our capabilities. The workshop specifically made me grasp the fact that we as young individuals are a resource in ourselves and can do a lot.Also it helped us to network better than ever. I made more contacts in that 45 minutes compared to the entire three days of the conference. Can you believe it?I was hoping that the whole UN Youth Assembly would turn out to be and interactive as your workshop, which it wasn’t. Your workshop as Pia have exclaimed has helped many of us in an immense way.Your workshop helped me meet people that share similar interests to mine. Thanks a lot. Because of your workshop I have actually started a facebook group with all the people I met at your conference and we are planning to take our plan forward.I wish you all the luck for whatever you do and all your future projects and I’m all there if you need any kind of help.The kind of spirit we as young people have today; we can make a big difference.Cheers.Mansha KhemkaMumbaiINDIA
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